Genie 4 parts faux wood Herb grinder

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Every stoner out there understands just how important it is to have a grinder that is both convenient and effective. A perfect grinder by definition is a one that can effectively grind a bud with compromising on its quality and is cost effective. This is exactly why the Genie 4 parts faux wood grinder is considered to be perfect from every aspect as it has personified versatility and efficiency with its superlative design that has been brilliantly engineered to perfection! Some of the salient features of the Genie 4 parts faux wood grinder are mentioned below,

Material : Faux wood (Steel) 4 Parts assorted colours
Diameter : 2.5"(L)
Height :2.5"(L)
Easy to use with a handle

**Colours picked at random**

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