Colibri 1928 Premium Butane 300ml

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Colibri Premium Butane is one of the cleanest butane's available. It is produced to exacting standards that are required by high performance jet-flame lighters, did you know Colibri introduced these over 30 years ago? Colibri is processed in first world standard refineries and canned in the cleanest environment possible. Their attention to detail results in a pure fuel, contaminents are less than 6 parts per million! It does not have to be filtered repeatidly to remove any unwanted impurities that affect performance or alter the flavour.

99.9994% is the level of purity Colibri Premium Butane and it reduces issues that clog burner valves, malfunctions and misfires. The 300ml canister also comes with five removable nozzle adapters in the cap so compatibility will not be an issue.

The Cleanest Butane Available
99.9994% Pure
Does Not Affect the Flavour
Five Additional Nozzle Adapters
For All Refillable Butane Lighters
Eliminates Clogged Burner Valves
Eliminates Malfunctions
Eliminates Misfires

It Includes:
1x Colibri 300ml Premium Butane

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