Vixor Swing 510 Battery

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The Vixor Swing 510 Battery is a discreet and stylish auto-draw cartridge battery. Designed to look like a regular old disposable vape on the outside, the Swing by Vixor has a unique hidden 510 cartridge compartment on the inside that can house your favourite 510 threaded cartridge. With its powerful 900mAh battery, it offers long-lasting battery life that can last for days on a single charge. The variable voltage with three settings allows you to tailor your vaping experience to your preferences and oil thickness, while the powerful preheat function helps prevent clogs and ensures a smooth hit every time.

Variable Voltage 2.7V / 3.2V / 3.7V
Preheat Mode
900mAh Battery with USB-C Charging


It Includes:
1x Vixor Swing 510 Battery

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