Session Goods - Hand Pipe with Silicone Sleeve & Carabiner

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Session Goods - Hand Pipe with Silicone Sleeve & Carabiner

The Session Pipe is beautiful, functional, and unapologetically simple. Pack your bag and your bowl and take your session outside. From Session Goods iconic tapered form to the black coloured glass, the Session pipe is compact, classy and ready to go anywhere. This handheld pipe can sit upright or on its side. It’s been thoughtfully designed to look good and allow you to take your session on the go. The custom designed silicone sleeve protects the piece, while the steel key ring can be attached to your belt loop or bag.

Session Pipe Features:
Size: 3.7"
Use With: Dry Herb
Compact size
Black tinted borosilicate glass
Flat base and molded feet allow it to sit upright or lay flat
Coloured silicone carry sleeve and steel key ring for protection and mobility
Glass Thickness: 2.5 mm
Key Ring Size: 23mm × 45mm | 1" x 1.7"
Bowl Size: 22mm
Dimensions: 96mm x 38mm | 3.7" x 1.5"

What's in the Box:
1x - Black Hand Pipe by Session Goods
1x - Coloured Silicone Sleeve
1x - Steel Carabiner

****Charcoal Grey ONLY****

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