Glass Screen For Dry Herb Vaporizers 5pcs

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Glass Screen For Dry Leaf Vaporizers

Stop combusting and start vaping - Glass Screen Filter for Atmos Raw Rx, Atmos Jr, Atmos R2, and Mak, AGO G5, and Snoop Dogg Pens
The glass screen filter helps prevent portable vaporizer pens, such as the Atmos Raw Rx / Jr / R2, Ago G5, Snoop Dogg dry herb vaporizers, from combusting and improves vaporization.
Despite being labeled dry herb vaporizers, most portable pens actually combust herbs on contact. This is because the heating coils make direct contact with the herbs, which naturally causes them to burn.
A glass screen filter acts as a barrier between the Dry Leaf and the heating coils. This allows for vaporization through conduction. The glass screen is heated by the coils, and then the Dry Leaf are heated by the glass screen. This then causes the herbs to produce vapor that you can inhale.

SOLD In 5 pack

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