14 in. 7 mm mosaic pattern glass beaker bong

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14 in. 7 mm mosaic pattern glass beaker bong

Oh boy! Where do we even begin with this one, what do we even say! You don’t have to say anything either. Just go to your friend’s house or a party and put this down in the middle of the room. That itself is enough of a statement. We are pretty sure you can go to parties you aren’t even invited to with this – I mean, how often do you see a bong that looks like it is made of brass? This is still made of glass, but the excellent paint makes it look just like brass. We dare you to find a bong more unique looking than this.


Quality Borosilicate Glass
Height : 14"
Thickness : 7 mm
Base : 5"
Tube Diameter: 2 "
3 pinched ice catcher
Thick Bowl for 14mm joint
5.5" downstem

Product may differ then pictures ( colors )

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