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Volcano Vaporizer Canada – Volcano Classic Vaporizer

The pioneer in the vaping world introduced by the house of STORZ BICKEL. You can call it the Boss, when it comes to Vaporizers, because this is possibly the best in the market. The Volcano Vaporizer completely changed the face of the facing sessions and vaping experience.

Volcano Vaporizer Canada - Technology

Let us just see the over-all procedure about its work. The Volcano vaporizer heats up the herb and release the vapor into a large polythene. Once the polythene is full you take the hits out of it and pass.

When the manufacturers came up with the Volcano, it surely looked big and heavy. It was meant to. It comes with easy valve and solid valve. However, that is something that you can choose from. Using easy valve with the volcano keeps you away from cleaning the bag. However, changing the valves is expensive. With solid valve, you need to clean up, but that is pocket friendly. Once you have the Volcano vape, it is going to last long and work as new.

Volcano Vaporizer Canada - Design:

The Volcano has a large chamber to fill up with herbs. Filling the balloon with the vapor may take a bit time, but it is worth it. The taste, the density of smoke is so good that you will wait to wait to taste it.

You get easy maintenance with the product. It stands 17cm tall and weighs almost 2kg. This is not something can be carried in and out, but for an amazing group session this is exactly the one product you would want for yourself.

Included with Volcano Vaporizer Canada (Classic):

1 Valve

1 Mouthpiece

1 Filling Chamber

1 Normal Screen Set

1 Melitta Toppits oven hose 3m

Price is something can make you think twice, but it is totally worth it. This is one everlasting desktop Vaporizer that anyone would want to have in their possession.

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