Vivant Alternate Loose Leaf Vaporizer

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Product Introduction

The Alternate is a portable, compact, vaping device with the perfect grip feeling.
It uses an onboard temperature control system powered by a chargeable Li-ion 18650 battery (not included).
Users can turn on the device with a single click of a button.
Selecting the desired temperature can be achieved by using the two intuitive up/down buttons, heating will begin automatically until the desired temperature is reached.
Once the indication LED light turns green, the device is ready and will hold the desired temperature steady for one minute. When the LED turns red, please wait as the device is re-heating and will be ready again soon.
It also features an industry first: airflow control to customize your vaping experience.

Size: 32.0mm x 52.0mm x108.0mm
Best temperature: 180°C/356°F (max 220°C/428°F)

It comes with

1x Alternate
1x Stainless Steel Concentrate Pad
1x Brush
1x USB Cable
1x User Manual
1x Grinder Tool
1x Seal Ring (Top Cap)
2x Seal Ring (Airflow Director)
2x Stainless Steel Mesh (Mesh Number: 200)
2x Stainless Steel Mesh (Mesh Number: 50)

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