Vandy Vape Mato Triple Fused Clapton Coil 5pcs-pack

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The Triple Fused Clapton Coil Ni80 from Vandyvape was specially developed for the Mato RDTA and is included as an accessory with the evaporator.
The ready-to-use coils consist of 3 x 26ga (0.405mm) cores, are wrapped with 36ga (0.127mm) and completely made of Ni80 wire. With an inner diameter of 3.5mm and 5 windings, the resistance is approx 0.23-0.26ohms.

The material combination of Ni80 is extremely quickly conductive and therefore heats up much earlier than, for example, stainless steel. In addition, the sheathing with the very fine wire provides a much larger surface area on which much more liquid can evaporate. That's why a triple fused clapton Coil Ni80 from Vandyvape provides more taste and dense vapor. Also not only suitable for the Mato, but also for almost all RDA and RDTAs The wicks are delivered in a practical 4 pack.
Brand: Vandyvape
Suitable for: Vandy Vape MATO RDTA most other RDA & RDTA's
Resistance: 0.26ohm
material: Ni80

Each set contains:
5x Mato Triple Fused Clapton Coil

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