The Last E-Liquid Company - LEC - Frozen Strawberry Pineapple lemons - 120ml

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Frozen Strawberry / Pineapple / Lemons
is a nice Strawberry Pineapple Lemons Mix with just the right touch of mint

Available in 0, 3, 6 Strength 120ml

80 VG / 20 PG

Made in an ECTA compliant laboratory. To the highest level of quality using NicSelect Nicotine and North American sourced ingredients.

Due to the nature of Max VG E-Liquid and the bottles for the 120ml size, a build up of pressure is possible in the spout of the bottle which can lead to the spout popping out. Please ensure that you exercise due diligence in your preferred E-Liquid, ensuring to take preventive measures in avoiding this with the following tips. CanVape holds no responsibility in coverage of juice in the event of a bottle popping out the spout during filling of a tank due to pressure build up in the spout.

1) Cut a bit from the tip of the spout, for a wider opening, if wishing to increase the flow of the juice for a speedy tank fill. This can be done by stretching the tip wider by wedging a nail like object into the tip.

2) When in doubt if the spout is placed completely, tighten the lid down after opening firmly and securely. If the spout is not down completely, this will do the trick.

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