Session Goods - Charcoal Ashtray

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Keep your session both classy and clean with this modern take on the classic ashtray. Balancing tasteful design with premium functionality, this ashtray features a resealable silicone lid and easy to clean removable and replaceable debowler.

**WARNING: Do not leave any hot or burning embers in this product. This product is not meant to hold or store hot ash or other materials. Remember to empty your ashtray often.

Session Ashtray Features:
Size: 3.46” x 1.73” | 88mm x 44mm
Debowler Height: 1" | 25mm
Black Tinted Borosilicate Glass Body
Resealable Silicone Lid with Bowl Stand
Silicone Footer Protects your Glass
Interchangeable Fire Retardant Debowler
Two Tapered Rests for Holding Pre-Rolls

What's in the Box:
1x - Black Tinted Glass Ashtray
1x - Resealable Silicone Lid
1x - Silicone Footer

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