Pulsar DuploCart H2O Vaporizer with Water Pipe Adapter

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Pulsar DuploCart H20 Vaporizer with Water Pipe Adapter - This variable voltage thick oil vape has all the functionality you've come to expect, including 4 heat setting and 15 second pre-heat function. It has a magnetic cartridge loading system for easy of use. What sets it apart is the ability to fire the cartridges one at a time or both at once for a stronger hit. Now better than ever with water pipe compatibility.

Use: Concentrates
14mm/19mm Male Water Pipe Adapter Attachment
"Shift" Feature - Auto-draw Mode or Button Press Mode
USB-C Charging
Dual Cart Thick Oil Vape
Variable Voltage Heat Settings
LED Light Heat Level Indicator
15 Second Pre-Heat Function
Magnetic Cartridge Loading System
650mAh Battery
Voltage: Green - 2.8V, Blue - 3.2V, Yellow - 3.7V, Red - 4.2V

It Includes:
1x Pulsar DuploCart H2O Vaporizer
1x Water Pipe Adapter
1x 1 Year End User Warranty

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