Nitecore F4 Li-ion Battery Charger 60Wh

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Nitecore F4 Li-ion Battery Charger resembles a battery charger and power bank simultaneously, which makes it effective and feasible to have a comfortable operation. For the inside, it contains 4 independent slots that are all available for charging 18650 Li-ion batteries and have max charging current of 1A. The single USB port output current reaches to 2A so that it can be used as a power bank for charging tablets, smart phones, cameras and so on. It is equipped with a miniature screen that can show the conditions of battery voltage and charging current and more in real-time. What’s more, it is able to automatically arouse the energy saving hibernation function. The intelligent charging mode selection(CC/CV) as well as battery group discharging instills powerful magic of convenience and practice.

Size: 86.1 C 27 × 113.4mm
Capacity: 60Wh(Max)
Compatible: Li-ion/ IMR: 18650
Input: DC 5V 2A
Output voltage: 4.2V± 1%(Battery)/5V± 5% (USB)
Output current: 2 × 1A, 4 × 0.5A(Battery)/2 ×2A(USB)

Packing List:
1 ×F4 Charger
1 ×USB Cable
1 × User Manual

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