[Clearance] NiC-IT Max Disposable 2200 Puff 1000mAh 6.5ml NiC IT

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NiC-IT Max one of the greatest tasting and enjoyable disposable vapes now in a bigger size!. This vape stick requires no charging or refilling, once it has been used just throw it away. NiC-IT is available in 2% nicotine with 10 Different flavours!

2% Nicotine Salt Strength
6.5mL E-Juice Per Vape Pen
Integrated 1100mAh Battery

2200 Puffs Approx.

Nic-IT Max $12.95
Blueberry Dragonfruit Guava
Brazillian Berry
Grapefruit Watermelon
Ice Strawberry Peach
Passion Fruit
Pineapple Tangerine
Strawberry Lychee
Strawberry Pineapple

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