Honeybee Herb - Honey Bevel Bowl Banger 14mm Female

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Straight forward design known and used by all but spruced up on toughness with a 4mm thickness. The thick original banger uses the standard Honeybee Herb design and styling our bangers are known for, including the very classy frosted joint and a flat top edge. A sutil elegance that begs for a classy dabber to go with it.
The offer gets even better as the Thick Original Banger comes with both female or male joints, in addition to coming in all the most common diameter sizes ranging between 10mm and 18mm.

Outer Diameter - 20mm
Thickness - 4mm
Edge - Flat Top
90° Frosted Joint
Butane Torch Recommended
Compatible Pearl Size(s) - 4mm
Recommend Carb Cap(s) - HONEY TOPPER CARB CAP


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