HohmTech Grown 26650 4244mAh 30.3A Battery

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The Hohm Tech Grown 26650 Battery can be used to power 26650 vaping mods that require such a battery, It has a 4244mAh battery capacity and a continuous discharge rate of 30.3

attery Specifications:
Size: 26650
Battery Capacity: 4244mAh
Voltage: 3.7 V
Discharge: 30.3A
Style: Flat Top
Protected: NO
Rechargeable: YES
Dimensions: 26.15 x 65.5 mm
Weight: 92.6g

It Includes:
1x Hohm Tech Grown 26650 4244mAh Battery

Picture is for reference purposes only, information on actual battery may vary from image.

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