DANK HIVE Nectar collector kit

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This DANK HIVE Nectar collector are designed to vaporize hash and concentrates. These are durable, portable and use a dish to help avoid some of the mess of tooling your dab when on the go. Of course, what's a dab without proper percolation? A Nectar Collector offers water-filtration typical of the common dab rig, but in a spill-proof design.

1 x Glass Tray (1.8" dia.)
1 x Titanium 14 mm Tip (3")
1 x Glass 14 mm Tip (3")
1 x Glass Mouthpiece
1 x Body Compartment for 14 mm Joint (7.5")
2 x Clip
1 x Glass U adaptor for 14 mm

Appearance may vary from actual product, picture is for reference only.

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