Coilology Prebuilt Clapton MTL coils

Coilology Prebuilt Clapton MTL coils

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The Coilology Clapton MTL coils are small premade coils that are compatible with a range of rebuildable atomizers, such as RDAs and RTAs. Prebuilt coils are useful if you haven't the time to build your own, or are not comfortable with coil building. Featuring a 0.7 Ohm and 0.92 Ohm resistance they support a Mouth To Lung vaping style.


MTL Rebuildable Coils
Stainless Steel Build
Clapton Coil Design
Supports Low Wattage Vaping
By choosing a Stainless Steel Clapton build, Coilology have created a set of coils that have a very fast ramp-up even at low wattages and thanks to their larger surface area will heat more e-liquid at a faster rate for improved flavour. We recommend using an e-liquid that's 60% VG or higher.


10 x 0.92 Ohm (28G + 40G) Premade Clapton MTL Coils
10 x 0.7 Ohm (28G + 40G) Premade Clapton MTL Coils
Important information about rebuildable vape coils:

Rebuildable coils like these can only be used with rebuildable atomizers, such as RDTAs, RTAs and RDAs. We would only recommend these types of coils to advanced vapers, who have a thorough understanding of vaping, Ohm's law and battery safety. Rebuildable coils will need to have cotton wicks fitted to them before use, these are available separately.

Before use, all rebuildable coils should be tested on Ohmmeter (never a vape device) to check they are registering the correct resistance and are firing correctly. Please note that when using a dual coil build, the resistance of your coils will halve. For example, two 0.4 Ohm coils fitted to a rebuildable atomizer will register 0.2 Ohm. Different types of coil can not be mixed and matched.

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