[Clearance] ****HOT DEAL**** Sigelei Designer Mechanical Mod's - Bagua, Chiyou or Silver Dragon Clones

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These are the most desired Mechanical Mods demanding excessive $ now cloned and reproduced for the masses.

3 Bagua, Chiyou or Silver Dragon to choose from.

Sigelei Mechanical Mods require a protected lithium ion or IMR safer chemistry battery(not included) they also require a charge either the Trustfire chargers or Nitecore chargers will charge the batteries sold on our site.

These electronic cigarettes do not have a PCB inside to fail they are completely mechanical and can use an 18350 battery, Silver Dragon can use 18650 too.

Do NOT stack batteries in these mods and do NOT use unprotected batteries that may explode or catch on fire causing injury to person or property. We will not be held responsible for improper or proper use of these Mods or the handling or mishandling/charging of batteries.

510 connector or eGo connector depending on the mod and side or bottom fired also depending on the mod.


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