[Clearance] AGR+ Glass Dual Mode 35mm or 45mm Cartomizer Tank

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The AGR+ Carto Tank by Youde Technology brings an interesting, useful and unique feature to the table. Mainly used with Boge and Boge XL cartomizers, the AGR+ provides a seperate threaded 510 base. You screw the base into your PV THEN you screw your carto into that base, preventing any chance of your carto slipping and causing a spill of juice. The AGR+ tank provides a convenient knurled knob on the top which allows, when unscrewed, to fill without removing the mouthpiece and sliding the carto out of the unit.
The AGR+ was manufactured with Boge cartomizers in mind but there are other cartos that can work with it. We tried our own Stallions and they are too wide. We did try to make it work with a mini extender but were unsuccessful probably due to the extender threaded shank's inability to reach the base's connector. This may have been a single case and your mileage may vary. You are welcome to play around with various extenders for your particular carto.
In the drop-down box below we highly recommend to add the AGS carto puncher. It is of hardy construction and stainless. One method of insuring a good properly placed hole punch is to first thread your carto into your base then slip the AGS carto punch over the carto, slide it all the way down to the base and then punch. This will provide the perfect and intended height of your punched hole.
Stainless PV base
Stainless carto base
Stainless top with fill port
Two Pyrex glass tubes, one for regular size and one for XL size.
19.5mm wide (.77 inches); 46mm height with regular sized tube (1.8 inches); 56mm height ith XL sized carto (2.2 inches)
Does NOT come with a drip tip and the sizes above are without the drip tip installed. Also does not come with a carto.

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