[Clearance] 5-pk Heatvape Ceram Dual Ceramic Coil Heads

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5pcs Heatvape Ceramic BCeottom Dual Coil Unit is the replacement coil unit for Heatvape Ceram Airflow Control Pyrex Glass BDCC Cartomizer Tank - 6ml. Ceramic is the best material which produces the cleanest flavor and won't produce the burnt taste. Traditional wire will melt into the eJuice in the condition of high heat and cause damage to human's health. The coil unit has no glassfibre, only has some absorbent cotton inside, but there is almost no risk to burn the cotton.The coil unit can last 3-4 times longer than regular coil units.
1. Ceramic wicking
2. Bottom dual coil unit
3. No burning taste

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