Ceramic Coil (0.5ohm) for KangerTech Protank 4 & Toptank & Subtank & Nebox & Subvod & Subox & Topbox 5 pcs

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These Ceramic coils were custom designed for KangerTech Atomizers. The ceramic coils will deliver purer flavor and last for a longer time.

1. Tungsten wire coat with ceramic
2. Heat evenly to vaporize eJuice
3. Compatible to SSOCC
4. Pure flavor
5. Durable
6. Resistance 0.5ohm 35-60W

It will be compatible with following KangerTech products:
A. Toptank Mini Atomizer
B. Toptank Nano Atomizer
C. TopBox Mini Kit
D. TopBox Mini Stainless Kit
E. TopBox Nano Kit
F. Subvod Kit (3.2ml)
G. Subvod Kit (1.9ml)
H. Subvod Mega Kit
I. Nebox
J. Subtank Mini Atomizer
K. Subtank Plus Atomizer
L. Subtank Nano Atomizer
M. Subox Mini Kit
N. Subox Nano Kit

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