808d Flip Top Large Capacity PCC

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Latest 808d PCC Holds 5 cartomizers and 2 batteries! Charges: 180mAh Batteries Size: 56.6*27.8*102(mm) Weight: 130g Internal PCC Battery: 1950mAh Display fuction: LCD will turns on when the button be pressed. And it shows the voltage of the inner battery. 5 seconds after press, Blue backlight will turn on and LCD wents out. E-cigarette charging function: Press the button for 3 seconds, Green LED will flash 5 times, then charging starts. The red light turns on when the button is pressed, that means the e-cigarette is being charged. The E-cigarette is fully charged when the green light turns on. E-cigarette case charging fuction: When the USB connection on the case is connected to USB charger, then the battery inside the case is being charged. The LCD will turn on. The battery indicator will roll while charging and the led will stop when case is fully charged. The case can charge a battery while it is being charged. 1 - PCC Charger Case 1 - USB Case Charging Cord

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