6.5" 2in1 Showerhead diffuser Glass Bong/Rig with Bowl and Banger

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6.5" 2 in 1 Showerhead diffuser Glass Bong / Rig

This is ultimate travel friendly glass bong. A shower head diffuser is encased in a matrix percolator allows for the smoothest hits. A wide base provides stability and piece of mind. The joint is 14 mm male it includes a bowl and a quartz flame polished banger! so you can use it for all your cannabis goodies.

Showerhead Diffuser
Thick ball for 14mm female Joint
6.5'' Inches Tall
Compact and Portable

It Includes:
1x 6.5" Showerhead diffuser Glass Bong/Rig
1x 14mm Glass Bowl Male
1x 14mm Quartz Flame Polished 45° Banger Male

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