48pcs 8 in 1 Kanthal Prebuilt Coil Set

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The 8 in 1 Prebuilt Coil Set comes with 48 pieces of Kanthal coils with various resistance and different types. It is easy to wrap and wick, which is perfect for DIY lovers.

Material: Kanthal
Resistance: 0.85ohm / 0.36ohm / 0.45ohm / 0.5ohm

It comes with
6 x 0.36ohm Quad Coils
6 x 0.36ohm Tiger Coils
6 x 0.36ohm Flat Twisted Coils
6 x 0.45ohm Mix Twisted Coils
6 x 0.45ohm Alien Coils
6 x 0.45ohm Fused Clapton Coils
6 x 0.50ohm Hive Coils
6 x 0.85ohm Clapton Coils

8 in 1 prebuilt heating wire
Fast heating up
Better vaping experience with decent flavor
Strong absorption of juice
Smooth juice flow & rich taste
Easy to wrap and wick

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