Infyniti Glass 14" - 9mm Beaker Glass Water Bong

Infyniti Glass 14" - 9mm Beaker Glass Water Bong

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We love this 14" infyniti 9 mm beaker glass water bong because it hails from a simpler era. Bongs these days have so many crazy contraptions and features that it can be overwhelming. If you simply want a simple bong that will do the job every time then this is what you need .The shape is great, we actually felt that it aided in the smoking experience and made it easier to take big puffs. It also has a 3 pinched ice catcher. This bong's aesthetic is what we would define as vintage you may not think it looks like much, but trust us, for anyone who has been smoking for a long time, the design of this bong is special.

Quality Borosilicate Glass
Height : 14 "
Tube : 2"
Base : 5" diameter
3 Pinched Ice catcher
Thick bowl for 14 mm female joint
6 " Downstem (Top to bottom)
Thickness : 9 mm

Product may differ then pictures ( colors )

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