Trigon 10" Recycler Bong

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Arsenal Trigon 7mm Recycler Dab Rig stands 10" tall with a beautiful bent neck. Nothing can compare to a glass recycler dab rig, especially a dab rig like this one. The body of this water pipe if you look closely enough, you will find the four funnel-like glass chambers are actually separated and they are connected by 4 recycling tubes! That's one of the most sophisticated designs we've ever seen on a glass water pipe.

Recyclers get their name from their two chamber system that “recycles” water through a loop. After being hit, the smoke and water travel the same path. the recycler rig combines the ultra-smooth bong hit with the flavorful and potent dab. Because of the additional filtration, recycler hits are also cleaner.

Bent Neck.
High quality material.
Comes with a bowl piece
Assorted color accents.


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