[Clearance] Ceramic Coil Head (0.3ohm) for Horizontech Krixus Tank Atomizer

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Those rewickable Ceramic coils are custom designed for Horizon Arctic Krixus Black & Stainless Atomizer.
1. RCC - Rewickable Ceramic Coil
2. Resistance: 0.3 ohm +/-0.1
3. Tungsten Wire
4. Includes a pack of Japanese Organic Cotton
5. Can last up to 6 months depending on frequency of use
The resistance of Tungsten wire will increase as the temperature rises and decrease when the temperature drops which is a characteristic of Tungsten wire.
How to use:
How to replace the cotton?
1) Take apart the coil head cover, pull the burned cotton out (You can use your own cotton as the same size :W:8mm, L:45mm)
2) Wrap the ceramic heating part with new cotton clockwise about 2 rounds (Drip a few drops of liquid on the cotton,which will make it easier to relace the cover).
3) Replace the coil head cover clockwise, check the tightness of the cotton, then it's ready to use.

How to clean?
1) Twist and open the coil head cover, take out the cotton.
2) Turn on the battery,fire the coil head until it burns out the remained juice and turns white.

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