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The Kick from Evolv is Boosted Power Regulation in the form of a drop in module designed to be used in various tube devices with IMR batteries. Foremost, the Kick is designed to be used in 18650 sized metal tube devices (max 19.5 mm internal diameter) using an 18490 or 18500 IMR battery. It can also be used in 18500 sized tube devices (max 19.5 mm internal diameter) with an IMR 18350 battery. Some device manufacturers are looking into making extensions, or longer versions of their devices, to permit the Kick to be used with an 18650 IMR battery.

The Kick performs essentially the exact same Power Regulating function as the Darwin. Kick is a smaller version of the microprocessor electronics and programming as used in the Darwin. Power Regulation is exactly what the name implies – regulates the overall power (watts) output. Watts are the overall power output in any vaping combination of volts, amps and resistance (atty/carto ohms). The Kick detects the resistance of any atty/carto attached and automatically, and continuously, adjusts the volts and amps to deliver the user set watts level. Power Regulation provides the same power output (watts) even if the user changes resistance (different atty/carto). Boosted Power Regulation automatically compensates for any fluctuating variables, like battery drain curve and atty/carto resistance fluctuation (usually lowers over the life of an atty/carto) and thereby provides consistent overall power output (watts).

In vaping, we experience this overall power output (watts) as heat output. Power Regulation provides consistent watts which means consistent heat from first activation to last (as long as the atty/carto is properly fed with liquid). The Kick’s Regulated Power (watts) output range is adjustable from 5 to 10 watts.

On the Darwin, a digital screen permits the user to set pinpoint power levels in 0.1 watts increments. On the Kick, without the screen, settings are not as precise and yet it is still remarkably accurate. Using an under-load meter (with atty/carto attached) allows users to see the under-load voltage automatically change as they swap out various resistance attys/cartos.

The Kick has all the operational safety features of Darwin with low voltage cut-off and short circuit detection/activation-prevention.

Unlike variable voltage, the Kick’s Power Regulation microprocessor will automatically, and constantly, adjust both the volts and amps levels (as needed) to provide consistent watts (vaping heat) output. The Kick, once users finds their preferred watts output, is more of a set it and forget it design. This is because the Kick will boost and regulate the power to provide the same watts output consistently from first activation to the last regardless of the atty/carto resistance.

IMR batteries are REQUIRED. Boosting uses more current (amps). LR attys/cartos also use more amps. Some people will use LR attys/cartos and vape at boosted levels. The Kick is designed to accommodate these higher-level current (amps) demands but only IMR batteries have the ability to deliver the amps required. The Kick is designed to be usedONLY with IMR batteries. The Kick performs best with attys/cartos in the 1.3 to 3 ohms range.

*Please make sure you read the instructions AND understand how to use the device BEFORE purchase follow the below link for all the information you require to make an informed decision about your purchase.