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Please see the terms and service under the pre-order product listings for further information regarding pre-orders.
Price change? Pre-order will be locked in at lower price, if price is lowered customer will be given credit for difference to apply to future order.
Win win! :) * Note not all new products coming will be available for pre-order so be sure to stay up to date: Newest Arrivals
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Conditions and terms of service that apply to pre-orders:

Delivery: Delivery will be VIA shipping method chosen and paid for.
1) If the pre-order product is ordered separately it will ship automatically.(Customer will receive tracking information and product sent)
2) If the pre-order product is ordered with other goods you will have the option to place another order and have it shipped with your new order at no charge or payment can be made for separate shipping.(Customer will receive arrival notice and instruct us to ship separate(shipping fee required) or if customer places a new order the arrived pre-order product can be shipped at that time with the new order at no additional charge)

Payment: Payment will be taken and expected as soon as the order is received.

Refund/Cancellation: You may cancel your pre-order within 48 hours of placing the order for a full refund. After 48 hours there will be no refund or cancellations allowed.

Product arrival date: The Product arrival date is a rough estimate. Things such as factories running low on raw materials, customs issues or any unforeseen circumstances which can delay pre-order products or have less then the number of products pre-ordered available, will be shipped in strict chronological order. Canvape will never retail a pre-order product while customers are waiting for their pre-order.

After the pre-order allocation has been set for pre-order customers, the product will become a regular instock product for the general public to purchase.

If upon arrival the retail price of the product changes lower then the pre-order price, pre-order customers will be credited the difference. If the product price increases pre-order customers will not be effected by the higher cost of the product at the time of arrival and will continue to enjoy the lower priced paid during the pre-order period.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact support. Thanks!